How to Rdp into Azure Windows vm ( Easy Step by Step Guide )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Rdp into Azure Windows VM

To rdp into azure windows vm you need to use the Connect button in the Azure Portal which will start a Remote desktop session.

As a first step, you need to connect to the Windows Virtual Machine. Once you are connected to the windows virtual machine you can sign in.

If you are using a MAC you will need a Microsoft Remote Desktop Client.

How to Rdp into Azure Windows vm : Step b Step Guide

Connect to your Windows Virtual Machine.

In order to connect to a Windows virtual machine using an RDP client, we will need :

  • The Port number
  • Public or private Ip address of the Windows VM

Step 1: Logon to Azure Portal ( )

Log on to the Azure portal and Select Virtual Machines under Azure Services.

How to Rdp into Azure Windows VM

Step 2: Under Virtual machines, Click on your Windows VM.

How to Rdp into Azure Windows VM

Step 3: Under Windows virtual machine overview Click on Connect

You can find the Connect option in the left menu pane under Settings as well as on the top middle of your overview page.

How to Rdp into Azure Windows VM

Once you click on Connect you will get options in the drop-down. From the drop-down Select Rdp.

Step 4 : Download the RDP file

  • Once you click on RDP you will get a new screen with RDP connection details.
  • Click on download RDP file option and save the file.

Step 5: Now open the downloaded RDP file

Click and run the downloaded rdp file.

Click on connect when prompted with the below screen.

Step 6: Enter your Credential.

Now it will ask for your credentials, provide the username and password for the Windows virtual machine which created and set during the creation of the Windows VM and Click on OK

Step 7: When prompted with below screen Click on Yes to continue.

Congratulations you are now successfully connected to your Windows virtual machine.

We hope this tutorial on How to Rdp into Azure Windows VM was helpful.

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