How to remove an Azure Virtual Machine (VM) ( 3 Easy Ways )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to remove an Azure Virtual Machine (VM)

How to remove an Azure Virtual Machine (VM) : Step by Step Guide.

You can remove/delete an Azure Virtual machine (VM) using the Azure portal, Azure CLI and Powershell Script. Let’s go through each one of the available options

#Remove an Azure Virtual Machine through Azure portal

Step 1: Logon to the Azure Portal.

Log on to and navigate to your Azure subscription under which you need to delete the Azure VM.

Step 2: Under Azure Services Select Virtual Machines.

How to remove an Azure Virtual Machine

Step 3: Select the Virtual Machine which you want to delete.

  • Select the virtual machine from the list of virtual machines as per your environment.
  • First Stop the virtual machine by selecting the Stop option on top right and click on yes to confirm.
  • Navigate to the three dots on the top right of the screen as shown below
  • From the drop-down select Delete.

Step 4: Confirm the deletion

  • Before deletion, a new screen will pop up which will ask for your confirmation.
  • Type ‘yes‘ to confirm and click on Delete

#Remove an Azure Virtual Machine from Azure CLI

az vm delete

You can also use the Azure CLI cmdlet to delete an Azure virtual machine.

Following is the Syntax for the same.

az vm delete [--force-deletion]
az vm delete -g MyResourceGroup -n MyVm --yes
  • -g : stands for the resource group name
  • -n : stands for your virtual machine name
  • if you use the option –yes at the end it will delete the VM without asking for confirmation

Let’s see an example

Step 1: Logon to Azure CLI

Step 2: Run the azure VM deletion cmdlet

In the below example we are deleting an Ubuntu Virtual machine.

As we have not used the –yes option at the end it will ask for confirmation. Type y to confirm.

Your Azure VM will be deleted.

# Using “Remove-AzVM” Power Shell command.

You can also use PowerShell to delete a virtual machine using the Remove-AzVM command.

Following is the Syntax for the Remove-AzVM PowerShell command.


      [-Name] <String>
      [-ResourceGroupName] <String>
      [-DefaultProfile <IAzureContextContainer>]

Example :

Remove-AzVM -ResourceGroupName "ResourceGroup11" -Name "VirtualMachine07"
If the above example Using the Remove-AzVM PowerShell command we are deleting a virtual machine name “MyUbuntu” belonging to resource group RG1

To delete all the resources within a resource group using the below syntax


      [-Name] <String>
      [-ApiVersion <String>]
      [-DefaultProfile <IAzureContextContainer>]


az vm delete --ids $(az vm list -g DemoResourceGroup --query "[].id" -o tsv)

We hope this tutorial on How to remove an Azure Virtual Machine was helpful.

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