How to use google docs as a journal: Easy Guide

In this tutorial, we will learn How to use Google docs as a journal.

How to use google docs as a journal : Step by Step Guide

To use google docs as a journal we will use the Outline feature in google docs

Step 1: Open the docs which you want to use as Journal

  • Open your google docs and provide a title text to your journal.
  • Change the Text format to Heading format H1
How to use google docs as a journal
Click on the drop-down and Select Heading H1 as shown below

Step 2 : Select Show Outline document

  • Now click on the show document outline option on the top left corner of Google docs as shown below
  • Your journal entry will appear on the left-hand side as an outline.

Step 3: Create more Journal entries.

Create more journal entries as per your requirement. In the below example we will create test journal entries as

  • Writing Journal 1
  • Writing Journal 2
  • Writing Journal 3

Select the text and Change the Style format to H2

Now you will see the journal entries on outline sections as shown below.

Your journal is now created. All the H1 heading will be visible in the outline section.

Step 4: Click on the Outline section entries to navigate.

To navigate and jump between different journal entries simply click on the H1 journal entries in your google docs outline section on the left as shown below.


We hope this tutorial on How to use Google docs as a journal was helpful and it will guide you to create your own journal in Google docs.

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