How to Restart Computer (Windows 10 Quick & Easy Guide)

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Restart Computer (Windows 10)

To restart Computer Follow the below steps (Quick Overview)

Windows Start icon->Power Button->Restart

  • Click on the Windows Start Icon
  • Select the Power Button
  • Now Choose the Restart Option

How to Restart Computer: Step by Step Guide

Enclosed are the steps to restart Computer (Windows 10)

Step 1 :

Save all your open files on your computer. Close all open applications and programs.

To close open programs you can click on the Cross X sign in the top right corner of your Windows Program.

For example :

Step 2 :

Now Click on the Windows Start icon on the lower left corner of your taskbar

Step 3 :

Now Click on the Power Button icon which will further display the options to Restart, Shutdown, and Sleep.

How to Restart Computer
How to Restart Computer

Click on the Restart option to Restart your Computer.

To Sleep and Shutdown, you can use the respective options

How to Restart Computer(Conclusion)

In the above tutorial, we provided you quick & easy guide to restarting your computer (Windows 10). We hope this tutorial on How to Restart Computer was helpful.

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