Does Notion Work on Linux? ( 1 Stop Easy Guide )

Does Notion work on Linux or is there any way to make it work on Linux?

Does Notion Work on Linux

Does Notion work on Linux : What the official Notion Twitter handle says about it .

Official Tweet from Notion :

Notion does not work on Linux officially. Notion has not yet released any official application for Linux. Notion doesn’t have any future plans to build the app for Linux users as they want to focus on a large user base which is of macOS and Windows.

Does Notion work on Linux

You can access Notion on Linux through the Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Some smart Notion users have found alternatives and created an unofficial Notion version for Linux. One such solution is Snapd developed by a user called Steve Rydz. He has developed an unofficial snap for Linux which wraps the Notion website

  • You can install this Unofficial distribution on Arch Linux, Fedora. Linux Mint, CentOs, KDE Neon, OpenSuse, Debian, Kubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, elementary OS, Manjaro, and Ubuntu.
  • However, be aware of the fact that it’s an unofficial version. So you can try and test at your own risk.

Installation Guide

Does Notion Work on Linux

Another Notion user has developed an application for Notion on Linux called Lotion.Lotion is a lightweight portal version that works the same as the Notion app for Mac and Windows. To install this application you can follow the installation documentation.

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