is it possible to export Notion to Word (Easy Essential Guide )

is it possible to export Notion to word?

There is no official feature from Notion to export a Page to word.

is it possible to export Notion to Word

Although exporting to pdf and markdown (.md) is far superior and more format-friendly than exporting to.doc.However, at times, we would like to have the option wherein we need to frequently transmit a page in Notion to share it with your classmate or teacher who wants to review it.

is it possible to export Notion to Word ?

  • One Solution could be to export a page as Pdf in Notion and then later on convert the pdf doc to word doc using any online pdf to doc conversion tool.It is possible the original format is not kept as is and you might get a different formatting after conversion to word.
  • It might only in case where you have where little formating on your exported Notion page with only text and bullet list .
  • The other option would be copy and paste the contents of your paste to a word doc provided your Notion page as little to no formating and later on adjust the word doc as per your requirement.It can be time cosuming you can considering outsourcing this work to freelancer on Fiverr or upwork.

A lot of freelancers and virtual assistants perform this kind of task on a daily basis for as cheap as 5$ . Post your listing on these freelancer platforms with a set of instructions and you are Good to go.

If you only have a few unformatted Notion pages which you can handle yourself simply copy and paste it on word doc to edit and reformat later.

We hope this article will help to find a solution for exporting Notion Page to Word doc, even though as of now there is no official feature from Notion to export a page to word doc.

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