How to Insert a Square Root Symbol in Google Docs ( Easy Guide )

In this tutorial, we will see How to Insert a Square Root Symbol in Google Docs.

If you are working in Google docs and came across a situation where you need to deal with the mathematical symbol “Square root in Google docs but you got are stuck and don’t know how to proceed further then you are at the right place.

Let’s figure out How to deal with it.

How to Insert a Square Root Symbol in Google Docs : Step by Step Guide

Follow the below steps :

Step 1: Open Google docs document.

Open your google docs document where you want to insert a Square Root Symbol.

How to Insert a Square Root Symbol in Google Docs

Step 2: Select Equation from Insert Menu.

  • Go to the Main menu and click on Insert Menu.
  • Under the Insert menu drop-down, click on Equation.

Once you click on Equation, the new equation toolbar will appear as shown below.

Step 3: Click on the Math Operations Symbol.

  • Click on the Math Operations Symbol to find and select the square root.
  • Once you select the Square root Symbol, it will appear on your Google docs document as shown below .

Step 4: Type the desired number under Square root.

Depending on your requirement, type the required number under the Square root symbol.

To get an additional square root symbol simply copy and paste the previously create Square root and adjust as per your requirement.

#Shortcut to get the “New Equation” toolbar

There is a keyboard shortcut to get the new equation menu on PC and Mac.


  • On PC with Google chrome browser press and hold ALT key along with I key.
  • On other browsers press and hold ALT key plus Shift and I key
In Google ChromeAlt + i
other browsers: Alt + Shift + i

On Mac

On Mac press and hold the Ctrl key plus option and I key.

Ctrl + Option + i
  • Once you click on the Math operation from “New equation” toolbar ,you can simply type “\sqrt” without quotes followed by space and you will automatically get the square root symbol as shown below


You can use both methods with or without keyboard shortcuts as described in the above tutorial. We hope this tutorial was helpful.

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