Notion vs Obsidian Notes: Which is better Note-taking App

In this article, we will discuss the two note-taking applications Notion vs Obsidian Notes. We will go through its features and help you decide which one is a better fit for you.

Notions have a database-driven approach, which allows you to filter notes in a number of views and tags to achieve some very unique results. Notion can only be accessed and available online with username and password, if the Notion Servers go down, you won’t be able to access your notes. Obsidian, on the other hand, is only available offline, and their main feature is creating links and backlinks through notes, as well as visualizing those links to act as a second brain.

Notion Vs Obsidian Notes

You write notes on study material, instructional project ideas, business seminars notes, and research notes using different databases.


Notion Vs Obsidian Notes

Notion is an app that enables us to type and save ideas on Android, PCs, Apple, and iPhones.

It has unique features designed for different systems and allows its users to take personal and group notes.

Obsidian Notes

Notion Vs Obsidian Notes

Obsidian functions online on different platforms except for mobile devices. Its advanced artificial intelligence feature combines short notes and tries to connect ideas logically to a text.

 Users analogize it to our second brain because it tries to connect ideas from what we type before compiling them to a logical text.

This post outlines the main features of Notion alongside those of Obsidian and their major differences.

Is Obsidian Good for Taking Notes?

 We can jot down content ideas from the internet on obsidian. Platforms such as Linux, Mac, and Windows support this app, but it lacks support on Android phones. Obsidian notes is good for jotting personal ideas that do not need sharing.

Its intelligence feature comes in handy as it connects ideas to texts and autosaves content. When a page is full, the app enables a new page to open automatically saving you the hassle of opening pages and saving notes manually.


  • It has an artificial intelligence feature that links human thoughts to form logical texts. This feature makes note-taking easier since you only jot the key points down and the AI feature gives you possible suggestions.
  • It has a vault feature that automatically saves filled-up pages and adds new ones, saving time because you don’t save files manually.
  • It enables back linking where you link your articles to related information on the web. When reading the notes, you can get more in-depth information and make appropriate comparisons by clicking on the backlinks.

You can share content on this app electronically by converting the text to PDF before exporting the file. The app vault has no sharing feature, you can only share content after exporting, which guarantees you of security of your project ideas.

Obsidian has advanced features that makes it easy for any user to take notes without hassle or a lot of typing. Also, its auto-saving feature ensures the content never disappears due to power hitches, plus, you read them online from any browser.

One disadvantage with Obsidian is that it comes with features that limit its sharing capability and is not compatible for use with phones.  

Is Notion Good for Note Taking?

Notion enables writing of key points, jotting new concepts before compiling them to a readable text, and sketch drafts as you research. With this one feature application, Notion allows you to invite your team to your workspace and accommodate their ideas in your project.

Working with your team on a project has never been easier, you can manage it while incorporating new ideas or thoughts. Delegating parts of a project to your colleagues or staff by tagging each person to a specific section of the project simplifies the job and saves time.

As you take notes, this app has a feature that opens new pages and subpages for new ideas, notes, and suggestions.

Features ( Notion Vs Obsidian Notes)

  • Offer many seats for your staff and colleagues to accesses the text as they incorporate their thoughts and ideas.  The app automatically opens new tabs and sub-tabs to enable you and your group members to add fresh thoughts and ideas to your notes.
  • Its database functionality enables a rundown of the step-by-step development of your project, this helps you to evaluate the milestones achieved so far.
  • It’s customized to start a page with templates, which are inbuilt or added on by any participant.  The templates are spontaneously customized to Notion by its connecting applications. This makes it easier to incorporate and evaluate developments as your project progresses.
  • Readers can access and edit many files on the menu list simultaneously, and make comparisons.

Obsidian can serve as your project monitoring tool since you can view the ideas with your group and incorporate necessary changes to your project as it advances.

Notion is a time saver. Its capability to accommodate many participants working on the same project allows you to assign each participant a task in their specialization hence saving time and improving productivity.

Key Differences Between Notion and Obsidian

 Accessible from a wide range of platforms including smartphones, Mac, personal computers, and iOS.Available only on Windows, Linux, and Mac, but unsupported on mobile devices.
Allows addition of backlinks for further reading and automatically adds new pages and subpages for typing more notes.Its vault automatically opens fresh tabs while saving the former pages on the web which enables you to type new opinions and thoughts undistracted.
Has a   private database feature from which you read all notes and type in new thoughts.Has an artificial intelligence feature that acts as your second brain and links your ideas to form a text.
Has many templates and features, and enables the addition of new templates which are customized by the third-party notion widgets.Has two main features, the addition of anchor links and graphic reading suitable for additional analysis and presentation of new findings.
Allows sharing of Workspace with your team and friends. You can also invite them to participate in your project.You cannot share the workspace notes. You can only share files after exporting to PDF.

Conclusion ( Notion Vs Obsidian Notes)

Notion vs Obsidian notes, which is better? The notion is good in taking notes while away from your office or study room because it is supported by mobile. It allows you to share your workstation and is, therefore, suitable for working on projects as a team.

Obsidian is good at taking notes on confidential data since its vault is not sharing enabled. It is best for notes taking while researching since it allows backlinking. Its second brain for the user and auto-saving features save time and simplify the note-taking experience.

Both Notion and Obsidian are good note-taking apps, the one you choose depends on whether you are working independently or as a team.We hope this article on Notion Vs Obsidian Notes was useful.

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