How to Change Language in Google docs ( 4 Easy Methods )

In this tutorial, we will learn How to Change Language in Google docs.

Google docs comes with various features using which you can change the Language and start working with your native language or translate text.

To Change Language in Google docs follow the below Methods.

  • Using Language Settings
  • Using voice typing
  • Using In-built translate feature 
  • Using Google Translate Browser extension

How to Change Language in Google docs : Step by Step Guide

#Using Language Settings

How to change language settings in google docs

The easiest way to change the Language settings to change your default typing language is through Google docs Language Settings. You can change the default language to write in a different language.

Here are the steps to change the default Language in Google docs.

Step 1: Open your Google doc

Step 2: Click on the File menu and click on Languages

  • On the Main menu toolbar Click on the file menu.
  • Under File menu drop-down ,scroll down and Click on Languages.
How to Change Language in Google docs.

Step 3: Select your required Language.

Choose the language to which you wish to translate your text.

Now you can type in your desired Language.

#Using voice typing

How to change Language in Google docs using voice typing

Googe docs comes with in-buit voice tyoing feature .You can simply start speaking on you Microphone and Google docs voice typing feature will start writing the text for you in Google docs.

How to Start the Voice typing

Step 1 : Click on Tools menu and Select Voice typing

  • Go to the Main menu bar and Click on the Tools menu
  • Under Tools menu drop-down ,Click on Voice typing
  • You can also use the keyboard Shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+S to open Voice typing.

Step 2 : Select your desired Language .

Once you click on voice typing a new window with mic icon will pop-up.

Click on the down arrow to change the language as shown below.

Step 3 :Click on the Mic icon to start Speaking

  • Click on the mic icon to start speaking.

Based on the selected language Google docs will starting the text as you speak.

#Using In-built translate feature 

How to use Translate document in Google docs

Here are the steps to use the translate document feature in Google docs.

Step 1: Open your Google doc document which you need to translate

Step 2: Click on Tools Menu and Select the “Translate document” option.

Step 3: Select the required Language

Once you click on Transalate document ,you will get a Translate document Screen.

  • Specify a Title for your document ( if it is not already specified ) .
  • Click on the down arrow under “Choose a Language” to Select the Language

Step 4 : Once the Language is Selected,Click on “Translate

How to translate Text in Google Docs using Google Translate Browser extension

Step 1: Go to Chrome Webstore and add the Google Translate Chrome extensions

  • Click on Add to Chrome to install the Google translate extension.
  • You can also install this extension on Microsoft Edge.

Step 2: Open your Google doc.

Once the Google translate extension is installed .Open your Google doc.

Step 3 : Start the Google translate Extension

  • Navigate to the top right corner of your browser and Click on extensions icon.
  • Now from the drop-down Select Google Translate.

Step 4 : Translate the Page.

Once you Select and Start the Google Translate extension as shown in previous step,you will get the below Google Translate screen.

In this example we have a Google doc with German text.We will translate this page using Google translate.


The page has been translate to English from German which is our default settings.You can adjust the settings as per your requirement.


In the preceding tutorial we have discussed 4 different methods using which you can change language in Google docs.

We hope this tutorial on How to Change Language in Google docs was helpful.

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