How to view the d drive ( Easy Guide )

In this tutorial you will learn How to view the d drive.

To view the d drive on your Windows PC you can Right-Click on Start icon and Select Explorer.Now identify the drive labelled D and to view and open the drive just double click on it .

How to view the d drive : Step by Step Guide

Enclosed are the steps on How to view the d drive:

Step 1:Open File Explorer

Right-Click on the Windows Start icon and select “File Explorer”.

If you the option “Explorer” Select the Explorer option .

How to connect to a f drive
Open File Explorer

Step 2 : Find D drive under This PC

  • Now Scroll down on the left and click on This PC.
  • Under Devices and Drives look for “Local Disk (D:)”.
  • If the Drive is being used as an optical drive on your PC ,it will be labelled as “BD-ROM Drive” or “CD Drive(D:) or “DVD Drive (D:)”
  • Right Click on the available D drive label on your PC.

Step 3 :Select the option “Open” from the drop-down

  • Once you right click on D drive Select “Open” from drop-down .
  • You can also double click on D:drive to open it .

How to view the d drive(Conclusion)

In the preceding steps we have shown you how you can quickly view the Ddrive.We hope this tutorial on How to view the d drive was helpful.

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