What languages does Notion Support ? (Quick & Easy Guide)

Are you going to download Notion and need to know What languages does Notion supports? Then you are at the right place,

Notion supports English, Korean, Japanese (beta), and French (beta), and they are working on Support for more Languages. This language support applies to all the Notion versions such as the Notion app and Notion for Web. It will also work on the unofficial Notion for Linux Client

If you need to translate any other language apart from the mentioned supported languages you can use the Notion Web version on Chrome and try to translate it using the Google Translate extension.

What languages does Notion Support and How to Change the Language?

To alter the language that is displayed:

  • At the top of the left sidebar, click Settings & Members.
What languages does Notion Support
  • In the new window’s sidebar, click Language & region.

Now under Language Click on the down arrow beside the default language to switch to your preferred language from the drop-down options.

Will Notion Add More Language support in the Future?

As per the Notion official website they are working on adding more language support in the future.

Notion is committed to expanding into new countries and has made significant efforts in establishing a presence in Europe, so we expect a European language to be added soon.

Can you still use Notion in a Different Language?

It goes without saying that you can still use your language even if Notion doesn’t support it. Support essentially only means that the language is written on all of the buttons.

What languages does Notion Support? (Conclusion)

In the above article, we have tried to answer the question “What languages does Notion Support “.We hope this article was helpful.

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